About Me


I'm Donovan Chin

.... and I live to make beautiful photos. I'm a photographer based in Melbourne, Australia.

My photographic journey started as a kid who loved the feeling of having a camera in my hands. Being behind the camera always felt more comfortable than being in front of it.

As a photographer, I'm always trying to find the soul of your subject. Not in a religious manner. Soul to me (photographically) is the essence of the subject. It doesn’t matter if it’s a model, a landscape, a tree, a car… even if it's still life, I always try to photograph the soul. There are some native cultures and tribes that do not allow themselves to be photographed as they believed that it would “steal their souls”. In a way this is partially true but the photograph does not steal one’s soul but merely allow the beauty of the soul to shine through within the photograph.

For my clients, I want to create images that become lasting memories of special moments. Whether it is a wedding, a portrait, a party or any event, photographs evoke lasting memories of the happiness felt at those special moments.

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